World Championship Cheese

Meet our flagship cheese: Chesapeake Cheddar Reserve!

Our Chesapeake Cheddar is a traditional English-style cheddar, using raw milk from our own herd of Jerseys and hand-milled, clothbound, and larded using clean, soy/corn/GMO-free fat from our own pigs. It is aged for a minimum of 60 days, and typically sold at 4-6 months old.

From every batch we make, we select one wheel to age for over a year to become Chesapeake Cheddar Reserve, typically sold at about 18 months. The extra time in the aging room allows a deeper flavor to develop, so while the younger cheddar is soft and buttery, the Reserve has notes of buttered toast and salted caramel.

Chesapeake Cheddar Reserve has been an annual award-winner over the last several years, from the American Cheese Society (placing 2nd & 3rd so far) and the Los Angeles International Dairy Competition (Gold & Silver).

This year we decided it was time to enter the World Championship Cheese Contest. The results came in this week – we are excited to announce that Chesapeake Cheddar Reserve placed THIRD in the Natural Rinded Cheddar category!

The point spread between the top three was tight: Best of Class winner (our friends at Arethusa Farm Dairy) scored 99.70; Second Award winner (the respectable Beechers) scored 99.50; our score for Third Award was 99.40. It was a close match, and we are honored to place alongside such well-accomplished colleagues.

Stop by the farm store and sample some of our World Championship cheese today!