Welcome to The P.A. Bowen Farmstead!

Here at P.A. Bowen Farmstead we are dedicated to raising grass-based livestock and producing fine artisan raw cheese. Situated in the gentle hills of Maryland’s Prince Georges County, our diverse multi-species farm seeks to mimic the patterns of nature using old-fashioned grazing techniques coupled with modern technologies. The different animal species work symbiotically to heal and build our soil, and to produce high-quality foods that heal and nourish our bodies. Hormones, growth-enhancers, pesticides and herbicides are never used on the P.A. Bowen Farmstead. We use antibiotics only in extreme situations, never routinely.

Farm owners Geoffrey Morell and Sally Fallon Morell co-founded the Weston A. Price Foundation in 1999, a non-profit nutrition education foundation that disseminates the research findings of Dr. Weston A. Price. In his studies of healthy, nonindustrialized peoples, Dr. Price discovered the importance of meat, fat, organ meats and milk products from animals consuming green pasture, as sources of the all-important fat-soluble vitamins. Later in 2009 the Morells purchased the ninety-five-acre Maryland property with the goal of creating an integrated farm that not only supplies high-quality, pasture-fed products, but also will act as an engine for the economic revitalization of the whole region.

At P.A. Bowen Farmstead, we emphasize rotational grazing for all farm species. All animals are provided with a habitat that allows them to thrive: pigs root through the forests; broilers in their chicken tractors and hens roaming freely work over the pastures recently grazed on by our dairy herd; and our beautiful Jersey cows, milked just once a day, are given new pasture daily. The grain mix fed to our pigs and poultry (and in very small amounts to our cows) is non-GMO and soy-free, and mostly locally grown.

All products are sold in our old-fashioned on-farm store and at select local farmers markets. We offer:

Artisan raw milk cheeses
Pastured beef and veal
Pastured chicken and eggs
Pastured seasonal turkey
Free-roaming pork, including old-fashioned bacon and ham
Crafts by Maryland artisans
Books and educational materials

We encourage people to visit our farm to learn more about our operation with our fascinating guided farm tours and classes. The farm is also available for events such as fund-raisers, corporate picnics and weddings.

Our Jersey cows graze on lush green pasture
State-of-the-art cheese production facility (building on left), milking parlor (rear of building on right) and country store (front section of building on right)

We are proud members of the Weston A Price Foundation and the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Latest News

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Fresh Local Produce!

This week we have a beautiful assortment of Baby Arugula (Evening Star), Pak Choi, Kohlrabi, Romaine Hearts (Rouge d’Hiver and Parris Island), Beets (Dolce di Chioggia), Baby Mustard Greens (Tatsoi), Collard Greens (Georgia Green), Parsley (dark green Italian), and a Fall Lettuce Mix – just harvested this morning!

Young farmers Ross and Leah of Working Over Thyme grow their delicious, nutrient-dense produce using organic, sustainable practices on just one acre of land along the Patuxent River, a few minutes from our farm. Their methods include the use of cover crops, crop rotation, minimal tillage – and no chemicals.

Stop by and pick up some of this gorgeous, fresh and nutritious bounty today or Saturday!

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Boost Your Health with Broth

Fall is here, and now is the perfect time to pick up a copy of Sally’s new book, Nourishing Broth.

Whether sipped from a mug or used in soups, stews, and sauces, bone broth can be a tremendously beneficial addition to any diet. In Nourishing Broth, Sally explores the science behind broth’s powerhouse components, including gelatin, glycine and collagen. Its unique combination of amino acids, minerals and cartilage compounds aids in quick recovery from illness and surgery, the healing of pain and inflammation, emotional balance, better digestion, lessening of allergies, and the treatment of diseases and chronic ailments.

Great gift idea for the holidays!



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Our Blue Wins 3rd Place!

We just received word that our 2014 Prince George’s Blue Cheese won THIRD PLACE in the American Cheese Society annual competition!

We are especially thrilled, because there is a lot of competition in the rinded blue vein cheese category. Our creamy signature natural-rinded blue cheese is rich in character without the bite that is typical of most blue cheeses. We use Penicilium roqueforti mold culture, animal rennet and Celtic sea salt. Each batch is aged for over 60 days.

If you haven’t tried our award-winning Prince George’s Blue, now is the perfect time!


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